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Nov 8th - Monarch Found in Florida!

One of our tagged Monarchs was found and photographed in Florida recently.

The details follow...

Toronto, ON
Captured by:  Betty McCulloch
Tagged by:  Betty McCulloch
Location:  Rosetta McClain Gardens, Toronto, Ontario
Date:  October 5th, 2016

Monarch tag #:  UGP 958
Sex:  Male
Condition:  5 (pristine)

St. Mark's, FL
Found by:  Jeff Ward
Photographed by:  Jeff Ward
Location:  St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge, St. Mark's, Florida
Date:  November 5th, 2016

UGP 958 in Florida (Jeff W)

The most likely route UGP 958 would have travelled (Walter/Google)

In a message from Jeff, he mentioned that UGP 958 was collected with other roosting Monarchs.  It's tag number, sex, and condition were recorded before it was released again to continue on it's journey.  Florida Fish and Wildlife and St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge were both informed of this little fellow's long distance flight from the north.

A huge thankyou goes out to Jeff Ward for posting his 'find' to the Migrant Monarch Tag reports blog and congratulations to Terry and Betty for this truely wonderful discovery.


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