Aug 17th - Osprey, Bald Eagle, & Butterflies

At the time of writing it's very early in the morning so this is going to be as short as possible.

Osprey - 1
Bald Eagle - 1
Cooper's Hawk - 1
Total - 3

To Date:
Osprey - 1
Bald Eagle - 1
Northern Harrier - 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 1
Cooper's Hawk - 1
Broad-winged Hawk - 1
American Kestrel - 2
Merlin - 1
Total - 9

Eagle Time (EDT):
BE - 01:19pm

A young Bald Eagle (Walter)
(Not sure why it's beak appears pointed - likely the lousy photo)

Other Birds:
Common Raven - 3
Red-winged Blackbird
House Finch

When I first saw these Ravens they were kettling with about
15 pigeons far over the east side of the park.

Black Swallowtail - 1
Giant Swallowtail - 1 (briefly landed)
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail - 1
Cabbage White - many
Monarch - 25 (18 netted, weighed, measured, tagged, and released)
White Admiral - 1
American Lady - 2
Red Admiral - 4
Mourning Cloak - 1
Silver-spotted Skipper - 9
Fiery Skipper - 3

White Admiral - not a common visitor to the gardens (Walter)

A female Black Swallowtail (Walter)

Tagged Monarch WBA 393 nectaring after being released (Walter)

American Red Squirrel

Allison, Ron, Carol, Terry, Betty, Berle, Vickie and Diana, and Leon.

A special thankyou goes out to our friend Sarah.  Sarah sent me a text message letting me know that she had just watched an eagle flying along the bluffs.  She wasn't aware that the Hawk Watch had already started and that I was at the park.....actually at the time I received the message I was in the main garden watching butterflies.  Luckily, myself and a few others got over to the fence just in time to see the bird soaring along just out from the bluffs.  What a beautiful sight!  Our first eagle!  Time between 'message' and 'bird' was less than two minutes!

Weather Prediction:
Sunny with the risk of a thunderstorm!  The Weather Network


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