Another Special Post - Another Tag Recovered!!

Well if one wasn't amazing enough, how about two?  I was searching through more photos of Monarch butterfly tags that Brenda Dziedzic had posted to her Facebook page (Brenda's Butterfly Habitat) and I found another one of our tags from Rosetta.  This one was UBA 842.  The Monarch was tagged on September 9th, 2015, it was a male and it's overall condition was rated '3' (good).  At that time Terry had not received his measuring equipment so no weight or wing size was noted.  The tag was recovered in Mexico on February 23, 2016 by Adelina Fajardo at Cerro Pelon near the town of Macheros.  We thank Brenda, Carol Pasternak, and the other ladies for their efforts in retrieving these and all the other tags and of course, we thank the people of Mexico who work so hard to find the tags on the forest floor.  At present we still don't fully understand why the tags are being sold-off.  Once Brenda and Carol arrive back from Mexico we will see what they can tell us.


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