Feb 15th - A New Raptor ID App!

Hey folks!  Thought that you might be interested in this new raptor identification app from Jerry Liguori and HawkWatch International and The Cornell Lab or Ornithology.  It's available for your android and apple devices.


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Kris said...

Just purchased this app on the weekend and so far it seems great. A very comprehensive collection of photos for each species. Lots of great video showing birds in flight from various angles, with Jerry describing the shape of the birds, how they hold their wings, the way they flap, the way they glide. As I told Walter, IT’S LIKE HAVING JERRY IN YOUR POCKET! I would recommend this app for anyone wanting to improve their i.d. skills. It's priced at $13.99 Canadian, which may seem high for an app, but I can't imagine there will ever be a better one for Raptors.

Kris Ito