Dec 2nd - Pileated, Great Horned, and Red-tails

Today we returned to the park for some more hawk watching but unfortunately today was not the day for that.  Instead for excitement we heard towards the north end of the park the call of a Pileated Woodpecker, a species we did not have on our fall survey of the park and always a thrill to hear.  Also, we watched in amazement as roughly 9 or 10 crows gathered to scold the heck out of a Great Horned Owl which sat in a tree down near the bottom of the bluffs.  The owl eventually moved further along the bluffs towards Bluffer's Park out of sight.  It eventually flew back and landed in a tree directly below the hawk watch and the crows all came back as well.  We also had 2 Red-tails fly overhead at 2:30pm.  Not entirely positive as to whether they were migrants or the locals.  Oh well, great to see them all the same!  Another nice sighting today was a lone Golden-crowned Kinglet which Pat found up in the pear tree.

Weather Prediction:
Dec 3rd - a mix of sun of clouds, NW 20-25km/h and gusting to 39km/h (

I'll be late getting to the park in the morning, so if you go, please keep track of what you see.  Thanks!

See you there,

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