Oct 28th - Best Viewing Ever!!!

First off, I just wanted to apologize to anyone who was using the 'social media' buttons on this blog.  Seems as time moves on Blogger is falling further and further off the chart!  I could not update the widget that I was using for the page so it's been deleted.

Well on a day that according to everything that we've ever learned about hawk watching should have been a 'wash out', our friend Arvo ventured out in the rain and got this amazing shot capturing some of the best raptor viewing that we've ever had.  I mean look at that - a Bald Eagle sitting on the fence and a Golden on the ground hunting squirrels!  Oh my goodness!!!

Weather Prediction:
Oct 29th - a mix of sun and clouds, SW 40km/h and gusting to 65km/h  (theweathernetwork.com)

See you at the park,


Rosetta Hawk Watch Fan said...

Wow !!
Lucky Arvo - I'm sooo jealous lol !
Are those the 2 local redtails in the picture, too?
Thank you Walter

Walter Fisher said...

It's a Sharp-shinned Hawk and a Red-tailed Hawk. Funny how the birds aren't even wet - LOL!!!

Ann Brokelman said...

Great fun by arvo