Extremely Special Post!

Remember Big Frank, the baby Peregrine Falcon that was banded on May 29, 2013 at the Sun Life building in Etobicoke (Islington & Bloor) and named in honour of Frank (who fledge-watched at that site for ten years)?


I'm happy to inform you all that Big Frank has been seen, photographed and confirmed in Irondequoit (Rochester), New York!!!  Story and photos can be viewed on the Canadian Peregrine Foundation's website and on Rochester's RFalconCam website.  If you remember, there was some confusion as to the sex of this bird at the time, which is normal when banding such young birds.  Well it turns out that Big Frank has likely grown up a female bird.  No problem, we'll take him either way! 

I'd like to thank Rob Mueller for informing me of this fabulous news.


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Bonnie said...

Exciting to hear that Big Frank's namesake has been spotted out and about near Rochester :)