Oct 6th - 5 More Peregrines!

Osprey - 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 2
Cooper's Hawk - 1
American Kestrel - 1
Merlin - 1
Peregrine Falcon - 5
Total - 11

To Date:
Turkey Vulture - 116
Osprey - 134
Bald Eagle - 70
Northern Harrier - 102
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 2150
Cooper's Hawk - 42
Northern Goshawk - 0
Red-shouldered Hawk - 0
Broad-winged Hawk - 1404
Red-tailed Hawk - 34
Rough-legged Hawk - 0
Golden Eagle - 0
American Kestrel - 397
Merlin - 78
Peregrine Falcon - 32
Total - 4559

Three Loons were observed flying south and the local Red-tails were flying everywhere!  Today they had the park, it's visitors and it's residents under siege!

This bird was locked on to Cori's head  (Terry)
Actually it flew by her head with it's wingtip no further than 10 inches away!

 This one was locked on a squirrel as it leaped out off of the tree top  (Walter)
And a fly-by along the bluffs side  (Walter)

123 Monarchs were counted today including our 6000th of the season!

Many thanks to Peter, Lee, John, Terry, Allison, Betty, Cori, and Berle for the day!

More strong SW wind is predicted for tomorrow.



Nczorny said...

I was there this day and was so surprised when a squirrel almost got picked up feet away from me!

The red tailed hawks are not in the daily tally. Is this because they are regulars to the park?

There were so many monarchs, how do you count them all without missing or counting one more than twice?


Walter Fisher said...

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for asking! Yes, the Red-tailed Hawks are local birds so they're not added in to the migration count. Like the hawks, the counting of Monarchs is somewhat of a guess, so as long as you're close that's ok.