Oct 18th - Cold, Windy, and lots of Birds!

Even though it was uncomfortably cold, rainy and windy, it was another big day of hawkwatching at Rosetta.  More than three hundred raptors were observed migrating along the north shore of the lake.  A big highlight today was the sighting of our first Rough-legged Hawk of the season.  For those of you who are new to our Raptor Watch - although seen in each fall, this species is our second most rarest.  Of the nearly 59,000 raptors counted at Rosetta since inception, this sighting today is only our 92nd 'Roughie' ever!

Turkey Vulture - 19
Northern Harrier - 21
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 228
Cooper's Hawk - 7
Red-shouldered Hawk - 5
Red-tailed Hawk - 6
Rough-legged Hawk - 1
American Kestrel - 42
Merlin - 3
Peregrine Falcon - 4
Total - 336

To Date:
Turkey Vulture - 2423
Osprey - 140
Bald Eagle - 87
Northern Harrier - 207
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 3262
Cooper's Hawk - 79
Northern Goshawk - 3
Red-shouldered Hawk - 13
Broad-winged Hawk - 1417
Red-tailed Hawk - 97
Rough-legged Hawk - 1
Golden Eagle - 0
American Kestrel - 669
Merlin - 120
Peregrine Falcon - 73
Total - 8591

The following photos are shared by Mike D...

adult male Northern Harrier

adult Sharp-shinned Hawk

Peregrine Falcon

 local Red-tailed Hawk

Rough-legged Hawk
a young Red-shouldered Hawk

a young Sharp-shinned Hawk

A good number of Eastern Bluebirds were heard and seen flying overhead as well as many other small songbirds.  A total of 7 Loons were counted today.

Another nice sighting today was a Little Brown Bat early in the morning.

Only 9 Monarchs were counted today.

A huge thankyou to - Gunnar, Brian, Trudy, Ron, Betty, Mark, Mike D, Gary & Wei Li, Phil & Josh, Bruce, Allison, Arvo, Carol, Dave, Berle, Lee, Matt, Sarah B, Lyn, Hugh, Peter, and anyone else who was there today.  All your help and many kindnesses are very much appreciated.

As predicted, the NW winds will stay with us tomorrow up until about 3:00 PM!  Should be another fab day at the park.  See you there!


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Walter you are having a wonderful season.
Hope to get soon.