Special Post - Our Rosetta Bird List

I've just added a link entitled 'Our Rosetta Bird List' in the right-hand column under the heading 'Rosetta McClain Gardens'.  At present there are 199 birds on the list that we as a group have seen and identified over the last 10 years or so.  Happy birding everyone!



anthony said...

Hi Walter. Yesterday after squash I had a large Falcon fly directly overhead at Crescent Town.
It appeared huge although I was wearing sunglasses and scale is always difficult to judge. Looked like a possible Gyr.
I found where it it landed on a building but didn't have binoculars. I came back later and found it perched on the apartments just south of VP station. I foolishly forgot my binos and by the time I had the scope up it had just flown off towards Barrington Lumsden apts.
I went searching and finally gave up. As I was stopped at a light approaching Eglinton on VP to drop stuff off at Value Village, an agitated flock of pigeons and gulls drew my attention and out of it came a large falcon flying off with a freshly caught pigeon.
It flew to the west north of Eglinton and I couldn't find it. This is where the escaped Gyr was last year. Not sure if it's been around all this time or has returned or if this is a different bird. May be a Peregrine as well. I'll go back and look for it before work tomorrow I think. Any reports of Peregrine or Gyrfalcon in this area?

Walter Fisher said...

Hey Anthony, that's very interesting. Thanks for letting us know what you saw. If it caught and flew off with a pigeon, one would have to wonder. Please keep us posted if you see it again. Walter

Ann Brokelman said...

Pair of Peregrines at Don valley and eglinton not far from there.
Please keep us informed.