Special Post - Frank's Memorial Bench!

It's been a long wait but the city has finally installed Frank's bench.  For those of you who don't know, it's location is in the south-west corner of the park (see the map below).  It's going to be a great spot to sit and chat and an even better place to sit and watch all the spring birdies arrive in to the park.

If I can speak for the rest of the Rosetta gang, I'd like to extend a huge THANKYOU to everyone locally and around the world who kindly donated money towards the bench and the plaque in memory of Frank.  We invite you all to please come and sit for a while!  We are also very thankful to the park employees and the City of Toronto Parks Department for allowing us this memorial bench in Rosetta McClain Gardens...Frank's beloved backyard.

Here are some great photos that both Cori and Pat sent along...

The bench

The plaque

The view

Carol and Pat already enjoying the bench!


At this time it has been decided that we will wait until next spring before we have a get-together and celebration at the park in memory of Frank.  The paths around the park are covered in snow and ice now.  We will announce the date and time early next year so please check the blog periodically thru the winter month's.



Daniel LaFrance said...

It's really nice to see that many of you made this happen. Bravo!

Ann Brokelman said...

Looking good. I look forward to sitting down and remembering.