August 27th - Another Eagle!

Today's visibility was lousy at best.  Not only was there heat and haze, there was also fog coming in off the lake at times.  Many visitors today kept me hanging in and that was a good thing.  I was just about to leave and go sit in the main garden area to watch for butterflies when I turned and saw Terry walking towards me.  I hung my backpack up again on the fence and tied up the clipboard.  Very shortly thereafter Terry and I watched a young Bald Eagle fly by at eye level close to the bluffs.  Thank you Terry!

Osprey - 1
Bald Eagle - 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 1
Total - 3

To Date:
Turkey Vulture - 6
Osprey - 12
Bald Eagle - 5
Northern Harrier - 4
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 21
Cooper's Hawk - 1
Northern Goshawk - 0
Red-shouldered Hawk - 0
Broad-winged Hawk - 4
Red-tailed Hawk - 11
Rough-legged Hawk - 0
Golden Eagle - 0
American Kestrel - 8
Merlin - 4
Peregrine Falcon - 1
Total - 77

Eagle Time (EDT):
12:22 PM - BE immature (non-adult)

Very quiet again for songbirds.  A new butterfly for the list was seen, a Least Skipper, our smallest butterfly.  It was seen flying in the grasses near the edge of the bluffs.

Today's bunch included: Betty, Arvo, Peter, Berle, Terry, John & Eva, Phil, and new friends Debbie and Christopher.  It was Christopher who pointed out the Sharp-shin coming towards us through the haze.  Great job!

At present, the wind for tomorrow is SE 10 km/h switching to E 10 km/h.  Not great but we'll see what happens.  Sure wasn't expecting that eagle to fly by today!


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