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RIP Frank Butson aka BigFrank

Hi everyone, this is Lee.  I know most of you already have heard the sad news that Frank passed away this week but I just talked to Walter who agreed that a post should be included here.  The funeral information is in this link:

We, his friends from Rosetta, are arranging to purchase a memorial bench in the park dedicated to Frank.  Ann Brokelman is organizing this and we will post details here as they come in.  If you were thinking of making a donation in  his memory, please consider donating towards the cost of the bench. 

Also, if anyone has photos of Frank can you please forward them to Ann? Frank's mom would like them for the wake next Saturday but Ann needs them by tomorrow.

We will likely keep the blog going in the fall as it has many followers so please don't delete it from your bookmarks.


Unknown said...

could you please send me info on how people can donate? thank you very much.

Walter Fisher said...

I have contacted Terri with info.

Lee said...

Maybe we can post our memories of Frank here?

I first met Frank when he was a kid and I was a slightly older kid, since he went to school with my cousins. A couple of decades later I had talked to my sister about going out to Halls Road to birdwatch and she mentioned that there was a raptor watch at Rosetta. I hadn't been there since high school and was enamoured with the beautiful gardens and view of the lake. I saw Frank over by the fence near the bird eating tree and got to talking. We remembered each other from days of old and re-connected. I had just gotten into birding in 2006 while watching an eagle webcam on Hornby Island in BC and was surprised to learn that Torontonians could see more than just sparrows, pigeons, gulls and crows! I saw my first bald eagle while at Rosetta with Ann, something I will never forget. We were jumping up and down and screaming and may have been responsible for a bit of erosion! Who knew eagles would go by Toronto?

I became addicted and the park became my second home. What I always loved about it was knowing I would likely run into a friend anytime I went to the park, whether it was the staff or my birding buddies. Frank was there almost every day from August to November and on days I couldn't make it, I'd keep refreshing my computer to see if there was a daily update of what was seen (or on slow days, what wasn't seen!) and who was there. The watch has always been a great place for socializing and introducing other people to the activity in the skies and this all started with Frank as he ran the show by himself.

On the day after Frank passed, I was driving along St. Clair near Brimley when I saw the unmistakeable heavy wing flap of an eagle. It was coming from the direction of Frank's apartment. I'd like to think it was a message from Frank since he knew what an eagle fanatic I was.

It's not often that you make a lot of friends all at once but that's exactly what's happened at Rosetta and it all started with Frank. RIP, Frank, and "golf Leafs golf" last time.

knaz said...

Could someone post the info on how to donate for Frank's bench? Thank you!

Walter Fisher said...

I have contacted knaz with info.

Glenn said...

Hi Walter, I am Franks cousin Glenn. I would like to make a donation towards the bench as well, if still needed. Please send me the info as well.

Walter Fisher said...

I have contacted Glenn with info.