We Hoped For Better...5 Raptors...YTD..7234

Walter and I both read the same weather report, unfortunately the birds didnt. There wasnt much flying. The best bird of the morning was a Common Raven. We hope for a better day tomorrow.
Here's today's count...
Cooper's Hawk - 2
Red-tailed Hawk - 3
 Total - 5
Present today aside from myself briefly and Walter were Cori, Terry 2 and Bill.
Thanks to Terry's son Ryan for the paintings of the eagles for Walter and I,  in celebration of  raptor number 7000.
Walter and Frank

Winds for Thursday now look very light. It will probably mean little movement past Rosetta. All else equal I will be down from about 1030am to see whats flying. I will sometimes be sitting more near "The Rock" for comfort, at least until or if it gets busy, for those who try to spy us from the parkinglot, dont assume we arent there. Gotta try to pull the last of the migrants out of the sky, to get our 1000 Redtailed Hawks!  After today there looks to be very little good weather to see raptors at Rosetta McClain for several days. I will not be present those days at all. I will be back when there is a north element in the wind, and hope to see one last movement of Redtails. 
  Colin has observed for many seasons in his travels to and from Hawk Cliff that once there are alot of Redtails along the highways on poles and signs and roadside trees, that the fall migration is pretty much over. He has told me he has seen this and hopes for one more good day. Ive learned not to doubt Colin, so things are definetly winding down. Good wind days the Roughlegs and Golden Eagles as well as others may still move but aside from one final push of Redtailed Hawks, counts from here on will probably be very low and slow. Its time for us all to enjoy alot of the oddities that are around. Get together with your favorite Rosetta Raptor Watchers and check Ont Birds for where the good stuff is! Winter is time to see owls and ducks and this year lots of different "winter finches". I know alot of you wont be out much anymore, so I hope to see you at our end of year party in December. If you have already decided to go please let us know through the raptor watch email, my personal email or Walter's or Lee's.

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Walter Fisher said...

Oops, forgot that Ann stopped in sportin' a nice new 'do' and was sans camera, totally surprising Terry and I.