Redtail #1000 On A Cold Blustery Day

Finally we reached Redtail number 1000. While we thought more birds would fly today, no hawk watching sites counted very much, so we can be assured we werent missing much at least. After many days without even a single countable Redtailed Hawk, after several teasers today when local Redtails went by and came back, we were relieved to finally see one pass that wasnt familiar to us, not to be seen again.

  We had a great look at a large juvenile female Goshawk today too, giving us 23 sightings of Goshawks this season, one off our highest total ever. A few more Redtails eventually flew by giving us 1002 for the fall and almost sneaking by at 10:49am was a juvenile Bald Eagle, number 65.
   Our total was:
Bald Eagle - 1 (Juv. 10:49 am)
Northern Goshawk - 1
Redtailed Hawk - 3
Total - 5

Present today besides Walter and I were, Mike 4, Paul, Gunnar, Ron, Mike 2, Harry, Cori, and Mark. Thanks to Cori for making a run to Tim Hortons for hot chocolate and Chili to warm up Walter and I. It was much appreciated and needed!!
 At this stage, unless we get good winds from the north of some sort, its unlikely anyone will be counting. The 30th seems it may be the final wrap up, we will likely show up to make it official, no matter the weather. 

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