New Yellow Pages Banding Date and Time

JUNE 8TH at 130pm festivities get started. Banding is to start at 2pm. Get there early for a good seat! We will also be looking for people to help at fledge watch at Yellow Pages. I know this one is about as close as it gets for our Rosetta Raptor Watchers,so I do hope a few of you will put in a few hours. There are sites all over metro Toronto that need your help. U can volunteer for an hour or a day or as often as you wish. Training is provided. I know many of you love seeing the raptor pass by, why not help out the Peregrine Falcon, a threatened species. Bring and old towel,your binoculars and maybe a comfy folding chair. Wear good headgear and sunscreen! Bring your enthusiasm! We appreciate all the help we can get,even if its just long enough for another watcher to run for a bathroom break and meal. Bring a friend or child to learn,watch and make a difference.


Business Cents said...

Frank, I live relatively close to that area. I am not sure how much time I can devote at the moment, but I would like to have the training so that I can participate when possible.

BIGFRANK said...

Hi Bill. I appreciate that you will give it a go when U can. I know any amount of time is appreciated. Ive sent a message through facebook to ya. If everyone did just abit it would go a long way. Just ones prescence lifts the watchers spirits and gives us extra energy.