Special Post - A Few Questions Answered

Q - How rare is a Golden Eagle sighting at Rosetta?
A - Out of the 37,603 raptors ever counted since 2004 only 60 of them have been Golden Eagles.

Q - Will there be another 'big' day this year?
A - 149 Red-tails were counted on the 16th of November in 2007, 171 Red-tails were counted on the 18th of November in 2008, and 100 Red-tails were counted on the 20th of November in 2006. With the warmer temperatures this Fall season it's quite possible that there are still many more Red-tails to come. They could even be later then the above dates.

Q - What's the latest dates that we've ever seen birds migrating at Rosetta?
A - The following is a list showing the latest date for each species.
October 26th - Osprey
October 29th - Broad-winged Hawk (A very late bird!)
November 18th - Rough-legged Hawk
November 21st - Turkey Vulture
November 22nd - Bald Eagle
November 23rd - Merlin
November 25th - Northern Goshawk
November 25th - Golden Eagle
November 25th - American Kestrel
November 27th - Peregrine Falcon
November 28th - Northern Harrier
November 30th - Sharp-shinned Hawk
November 30th - Cooper's Hawk
November 30th - Red-shouldered Hawk
November 30th - Red-tailed Hawk

Q - What's the deal with November 13th? A raptor day of rest?
A - Since BIGFRANK started to count birds of prey flying over Rosetta back in the Fall of 2004, on the 13th of November only 1 single bird has ever been counted...a lone Rough-legged Hawk. I'll be at the park early Sunday to try and at least double that number.


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