October 7th - Just 3!

Another fantastic fall day brought very very few our way. I left by lunch time.

Sharp-shinned Hawk - 3
Total - 3

To Date:
Turkey Vulture - 1379
Osprey - 114
Bald Eagle - 55
Northern Harrier - 148
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 1384
Cooper's Hawk - 53
Northern Goshawk - 10
Red-shouldered Hawk - 4
Broad-winged Hawk - 756
Red-tailed Hawk - 99
American Kestrel - 586
Merlin - 76
Peregrine Falcon - 25
Total - 4689

There was another Goshawk sighting today but I'm not going to count it just yet. I'm starting to think that it's hanging around along the bluffs somewhere. Today it was carrying a small animal.

Speaking of small animals, Pat saw the local Red-tail swoop down and grab a squirrel that Nancy was trying to feed. By the time the bird flew by us seconds later he'd dropped the squirrel. He then flew to the east side of the park where he continued to hunt. He swooped down and landed on a branch just 5 feet away from Bob who was quietly photographing a Kinglet.

On hand today just incase things picked up were: Bob, Terry 2, Pat, Nancy, Phil, Peter, Betty, and Cori.


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Howie H. said...

Hi Walter,

My son and I had intended to drop in before heading to the spit but because the winds (what winds??) appeared to be unfavorable for raptor viewing we went straight to the spit where we saw lots of monarchs and sulphurs. Other than cabbage whites are you still seeing any other leps at Rosetta. I still hope to make it down there sometime next week.