August 10th and 11th - Our First Birds

On Wednesday afternoon after the rain had stopped I thought I'd seen the first bird of the season, an Osprey. It turns out that Berle had seen the first bird a couple of days earlier, it too was an Osprey. That was terrific news!

On Thursday morning a rather ragged looking American Kestrel flew by over the park and then just after lunch the first of 3 gorgeous Broad-winged Hawks flew by slow and fairly low giving Peter and I excellent views. A local Turkey Vulture was also seen today.

To Date:
Osprey - 2
Broad-Winged Hawk - 3
American Kestrel - 1
Total - 6

Also seen on Thursday: 29 species of birds including a Belted Kingfisher which flew right over Peter and I at treetop level. 12 species of butterflies including a Pearl Crescent. Cabbage White butterflies continue to dominate the gardens. During mid-afternoon the sky was filthy with 100s of Dragonflies. This makes hawk watching extremely difficult. And...the insect of the day was a Walking Stick that Charlene, a park worker, was kind enough to show Carol, Pat, Nancy, and myself.


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