August 25th - Another Slow Day

Well so far August has been a little slower than expected. I thought the winds today might have brought a few more birds our way but the predicted 25 kph NW winds didn't come until later in the afternoon. The afternoon showers were not in the Weather Network's forecast that I read before leaving the house. Should we expect a big count day real soon?...I certainly hope so! Our short flurry of raptors all came before 12:00 PM. Later in the day at 5:50 PM, Lee had an adult Bald Eagle circling down low above a street close to the park. As the eagle soared on a thermal, it stayed in view long enough for Lee to park her car and grab her binoculars to get a better view. Thanks for the update Lee.

Bald Eagle - 1
(adult 5:50 PM)
Northern Harrier - 2
Broad-winged Hawk - 1
American Kestrel - 1
Merlin - 1
Total - 6

To Date:
Turkery Vulture - 2
Osprey - 4
Bald Eagle - 2
Northern Harrier - 6
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 7
Broad-winged Hawk - 7
Red-tailed Hawk - 1
American Kestrel - 5
Merlin - 1
Total - 35

Other bird sightings today included; 2 Trumpeter Swans that flew by fairly close, Double-crested Cormorants by the thousands feeding out on the lake, 300+ Chimney Swifts and many Barn Swallows flying westward overhead. The 2 local Red-tails and the Cooper's Hawk put on wonderful flying displays this afternoon as they hunted for lunch.

I'd like to thank Betty, Pat and Nancy, and Terry 2 for coming down today and hanging in there for so long waiting for the birds to show.

I won't be present at the park on Friday or Saturday so if you see anything, including Frank, please let me know as soon as you can.


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Three Star Pet Sitting Services said...

I was driving along Kingston just west of Warden when I saw a giant black bird circling somewhat low. I could see the flashes of white as I was driving so I turned towards the bluffs and followed it. It was climbing higher and higher and I found my binoculars just to make sure, definitely an adult bald eagle! This was at 5:50 pm. I went to Rosetta after but everyone was long gone. Hope to get out this weekend but weekdays are next to impossible.