Slow Day 14 Raptors..Locals Star

It was a slow day today. The weather was not good for much of a raptor movement at all. We did see several good birds though. We saw a reasonably close Osprey,albeight silhouetted in the photo. It was looking all around as it drifted slowly by.
Walter and I also saw 2 Peregrine Falcons,one was a juvenile the other an adult. The adult went into a stoop after a Flicker.
We had plenty of action from local birds too. A local juvenile Coopers Hawk flew around the park several times,a Sharpshinned Hawk went into a serious dive after a White-throated Sparrow,a Redtailed Hawk kitted over the park for some time barely moving a muscle and a local Turkey Vulture was harrassed by a Crow.
The final total of 14 consisted of:
Sharpshinned Hawk....6
American Kestrel........4
Peregrine Falcon........2
Blue Jays have started to migrate. Id imagine the next day that there is a cold night we will see thousands fly by.
The next several days look very wet,which means there is unlikely to be any count conducted. Watch for a northwest wind coming soon for the best chance at a good flight,with low birds. Keep an eye on Saturday..though the forecast is ever changing it may yet hold good conditions for us.

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