Not Many Raptors But Lotsa Laughs

The things you can do with photoshop!!

Today was overcast and there were several bouts of rain. We persevered hoping for some raptors. Early in the morning we were rewarded with the sighting of a Peregrine Falcon speeding through the park. It went into an impressive dive. We also saw a few Sharpshinned Hawks.

A local Turkey Vulture came quite close along the bluffs. They are always fun to watch.

Never one to claim he is sane,as Ann threw some peanuts to the squirrels,I asked her what about me. To hardy laughs of delight Nancy,Pat,Walter,Carol and Ann watched me do "circus tricks" Ann stood 12-15ft away and lofted salted peanuts in the air to me as I sat on a bench. I did well at first catching about half of them in my mouth,until Ann lost the range after requesting I speak. After a loud woooof,her hysterical laughter threw off her aim. Oh well we had fun at least!

We are hopeful of a few decent counts over the weekend.

We also saw a few of the Canadian International Airshow planes go by. Ann captured this shot of the Harvards going past.

Todays count was
3..Sharpshinned Hawks
1...Peregrine Falcon

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