More Osprey..28 Raptors

Coopers Hawk
After such an Ospreycious day yesterday...(groan) today was another day with several Osprey. 9 of the 12 Osprey seen today were during periods of rain. We have now observed 63 Osprey so far this season,well on our way to quickly surpass the 82 of last seasons count,and threaten our best total of 100. Mike,Les,Carol,Ann,Pat,Nancy,Cory,Brad,Pam,Bruce,Sue and Walter enjoyed some good views of the birds that passed today. Thanks to Walter for taking the duties today,as I was unable to attend. Ann got a few very nice shots of the resident Coopers Hawk as it landed in the Maple Tree which the gang huddles under during short spurts of rain and for shade.
Todays 28 raptors were:
1-Northern Harrier
4-Sharpshinned Hawks
9-American Kestrels
We now need to count only 126 more raptors to achieve 25000 birds of prey counted since the start of the Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch in 2004. Keep an eye on Thursday and Friday as the conditions look fantastic for a big movement of raptors.

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