All Day NW Winds = All Day Hawks Day Count 407

Today,after a few days of US storm remenants,we had all day northwest winds all over southern Ontario. This meant all of the raptor watches had great days. Prime time for Broadwinged Hawks meant bigger days for some then others. Today we enjoyed great views of all 11 species that are regularily seen at this time during migration. Towards the end of the day many birds were very high. 2 good sized kettles(for Rosetta) of Broadwings,passed after 3pm. The largest containing 64. The BIG thrill of the day came at 3:45pm,when Walter and I saw 4 Bald Eagles go through together. The total of 6 seen today was a park record. Also a park record were the 15 Osprey seen today. Todays total of 407 raptors was:

6-Turkey Vultures

15-Osprey(park record)

6-Bald Eagles(park record)

7-Northern Harriers

194-Sharpshinned Hawks

6-Coopers Hawks

129-Broadwinged Hawks

3-Redtailed Hawks

36-American Kestrels


2-Peregrine Falcons

Much thanks to Walter,Ann,Carol,Peter,Mary,Berle,Vern,Rob and Vinnie for their help and interest today. It was great viewing and a great time.

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