Nov 2 A 3 Eagle Day Total:27 YTD 5345

After a slow end to October,November started slow too,with only 5 raptors on the first. Today was somewhat better and a more normal November count of 27. Today I shared an adult Bald Eagle with buddy Terry at 940am. We had a very nice view of this bird. Sundry Harriers,Redtails,Coopers,Sharpies.Peregrine and Kestrels later,Leon and I saw 2 juvenile Golden Eagles. One was at 12:40pm the other at 1:53pm. Always a special thrill,both of these birds circled higher and higher out over the lake,eventually going onward to the southwest. We watched each for at least 10minutes or more. A very high but nice male Nothern Harrier went past. The final total consisted of a Bald Eagle,5 Harriers,6 Sharpies,2 Coopers Hawks,a Northern Goshaw (#20 of this years watch,a new record),7 Redtailed Hawks,2 Golden Eagles,2 Kestrels and a Peregrine Falcon.

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