Wind Does Matter:Lucky 13

Todays Total 13 Raptors:3Bald Eagles,3Sharp-shinned Hawks,4American Kestrels,2Redtailed Hawks and 1 Northern Harrier. Year To Date Total: 15

A 2nd consecutive day of northwest winds,even this early in the migration season mattered. 3 Bald Eagles was a real highlight,2 circled together out over Lake Ontario,gaining height,before moving on. The 3rd came almost over immediately after,around 11am,reasonably low and circled right over the middle of the park,almost over my head. Eventually it headed southwest. A very co-operative Northern Harrier,which circled treetop high and directly in front of me for photos was another bit of excitement. 2 Sharp-shinned Hawks began harassing the Harrier,diving at it a few times.
Non-raptor highlights included 2 Lesser-yellowlegs flying past,3 Purple Martins and a Least Flycatcher which hung around the side of the bluffs.

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