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2019 Monarch Butterfly Tagging

My apologies, a big update to this page will be coming shortly...

Monarch tagging is well underway at Rosetta, please visit if you can.

Please help, if you can...

Monarch Butterfly Tagging Fundraiser (GoFundMe)

With Monarch butterfly tagging just around the corner in August, we have decided to help Terry and Betty out by fundraising for the cost of tags.  They have been spending around $600 American dollars per year for the tags which is quite a lot of money, so if you can make a donation, it would be appreciated.  Please click on the link to read about what they do and more importantly, what they've learned about Monarch butterfly migration.



YAR 193 gettin' ready to go (Walter)

Monarch ovipositing an egg on Common Milkweed (Walter)

Nectaring on Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) (Walter)

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